Back In Line Chiropractic in Dallas GA Helps Alleviate Pain From Compressed Disk Pressure With Spinal Decompression

Dallas, GA - May 20, 2020 - Spinal decompression restores optimal mobility and flexibility for patients dealing with back issues. This nonsurgical technique gently stretches the spinal column, so any injured discs retract to standard settings. Patients lie down on specially designed tables and have their spines stretched back to normal functionality and performance.

Back in Line Chiropractic Spine and Injury is led by Dr. Ladonna Bense and her dedicated team. She specializes in spinal decompression for patients experiencing alignment issues. This technique also helps patients that have sustained spinal injuries in a car accident or fall. After a careful examination and x-rays, Dr. Bense will determine if you are an ideal candidate for spinal decompression therapies.

Disks can get damaged due to injuries or even bone density issues. However, the main antagonist for herniated or bulging discs is sciatica. The latter is a common condition that produces dull pain up and down the buttocks and legs stemming from the sciatic nerve, which is the longest in the body. Pinched nerves can cause spinal structures to rub up against one another, creating back pain and immobility problems.

Spinal decompression corrects spinal alignment problems and helps retract discs normally. Dr. Bense may perform manual adjustments during the decompression process. Most patients experience immediate relief and can get back to work and activities within a few days. However, Dr. Bense will determine the exact recovery schedule based on the severity of the spinal compression.

If you are experiencing acute or chronic back pain, now is the right time to visit Back in Line Chiropractic. While spinal decompression is ideal for patients that have exhausted all efforts in reducing back pain, it get more info is not for everyone. In fact, pregnant women and elderly patients already receiving back treatments may not qualify. Again, Dr. Bense is the deciding factor, and she takes everything into account before formulating care plans or pain remediation strategies.

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